Toomas Vitsut`s Proposal

Organization and history

A Proposal of Chairman of the Tallinn City Council to his Colleagues in Estonia.

The European Union has awarded Tallinn the title of the European Capital of Culture. According to the earlier experience of other countries, Tallinn, as an official owner of the title, would like to involve other Estonian towns in it. It is not only a cultural but also a strategic question for our country – it is very important what Estonia will be like in the eyes of Europe and the world in 2011.

A unique opportunity given to us to be in the centre of attention of the whole Europe should not be restricted to only a more spectacular concert programme. We will have a chance to create the world an image of Estonia as an independent integrity. A prompt and tactical planning, drawing up an artistic performance and a level of arrangement will be left in the capacity of a foundation „Tallinn 2011” which has been formed for this reason. A social position of towns’ leaders requires looking upon things in a broader scale and a longer perspective.

Our information to the world cannot only be limited to the presentation of choirs or dancing groups. We must think already now what kind of a distinctive city our hometown could look like in the European Union. There is only a short time left to develop and carry out this conception. We are also busy as there are also elections to the European Parliament in summer and local elections in autumn. The idea of a municipality is to show it as a purposeful and responsible unit.

We would not like to see Tallinn as a stage of shows either in 2011. We want to present it as a town of integrity and strength. For this reason we have started a new brand called „Tallinn’s Way of Life” which would present our efforts to develop the whole culture in town from art to traffic. The world will see an entire small Estonia with its beautiful and different towns.

The interest of Tallinn as a European Capital of Culture is to show the variety of our towns and Estonia as a gate to the sea and air. Therefore we call Estonian towns to participate in the discussion about the topic - what would distinguish and consolidate us in the eyes of Europe in 2011?

Yours sincerely
Toomas Vitsut, Chairman of the Tallinn City Council.